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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy:

As a responsible free access site, qksearch always respects the privacy of all visitors. However, by using this site you are assumed to be fully agreed to the following terms & conditions:


qksearch metasearch and all other services are provided as-is and that accuracy, reliability and timeliness of served materials cannot always be guaranteed.
In no event shall qksearch be responsible for any direct or indirect or incidental or punitive damages of any kind resulting from the use of the services provided. You agree to use the service solely at your own risk.


qksearch unique user-interface and design are fully owned properties of qksearch.


Any personal details submitted to qksearch are used for internal purposes ONLY. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES any such information is made public or openly distributed or passed on to a third-party or used for bulk mailing.

Promotion and Marketing:

We do not allow commercial ad-banners (image based), pop-ups and similar elements in our sites. However, some services may generate image based product/item links as part of the served content. During the process of delivering such elements to you, qksearch DOES NOT collect any personally identifiable information about you such as name, address, phone number, or e-mail address.
qksearch and/or an authorized agency/advertiser may obtain some types of NON-PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE information such as the Internet Service Provider you use to connect to the Internet, your browser type, or the type of computer operating system you use (Macintosh or Windows, for example) or the IP address assigned by your ISP. This information is used for the purpose of serving targeted or appropriate content and measuring effectiveness of the service ONLY.

If you have further queries or questions about our services or Privacy Policy, please contact us.


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